Sunday, April 24, 2011

Peeps Apocalypse Brownies

I decided to make brownies to go with our lemon pound cake for Easter dessert.  As I mixed the batter, I started to think of how to make the brownies more festive.  I have various kinds of sprinkles and was about to root through my baking things to decide which to use when my thoughts turned to those sugar-sprinkled staples of the American Easter basket: Peeps. I thought they would go well in the brownies.

I considered cutting the Peeps with kitchen shears and pushing pieces into the batter.  I asked my kids if they would donate their Peeps to the cause and my youngest suggested that I shove entire peeps into the batter.  What follows looks like the results of some kind of Peeps Apocalypse.

I used my brownie pan with dividers to great effect.  I mixed the batter and poured it in, as usual.  One Peep went into each section.  Then I submersed the Peeps and popped the brownies into the oven.

The Peeps were doing well after 8 minutes.  Some puffing began to happen.

At 13 minutes, the Peeps continued to swell and were beginning to get a little brown.

After 28 minutes, a few of the Peeps had already reached critical puffing point and had collapsed.

More of the Peeps had collapsed after 32 minutes. Interestingly enough, the brownies in which each deflated Peep had resided appeared done using the toothpick test and the brownie sections in which the Peeps were still puffed were not done.

The pan was removed from the oven at 35 minutes when the center brownies were done and their Peeps had collapsed.

The reviews were that these were really good!  The tops of the Peeps browned just a little bit giving them a slightly toasted taste.

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