Monday, March 14, 2011

Pi Day - Spherical Pie

It's Pi Day!  Today we celebrate the most amazing mathematical constant ever discovered.  To properly enjoy Pi, one must have pie.  If a circle is symbolic of pi, then a sphere is the epitome of it.  So I created a spherical pie.

To see step-by-step details and pictures of my first spherical pie, go to my Instructable: Spherical Pie

To create it, I used a Wilton Sports Ball pan.  This pan has two half spheres and two ring stands.  It is intended to be used to bake a round cake but, instead, I formed a crust around it.  Once baked, I filled the crust and cemented it together with white chocolate.

The trick to to create a barrier on one side of the filled crust by either securing a disc of cooked crust with the same chocolate that will be securing the two pieces together, or by making a chocolate disc and securing it to the crust on the inside.  Allow the chocolate to solidify before continuing and assembling the sphere.

Then pipe a thick ring of melted chocolate, pick up the side with the barrier piece and place over it.  Cool so the chocolate equator sets and you're good to go!

To cut the pie, push a knife into the chocolate equator and twist to pop it apart.  Then start the cuts with kitchen scissors and push the knife through to divide the pieces.

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  1. Awesome! I just had the idea for a spherical pie, and here you've actually gone and done it!