Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potion Ingredient Jar Set

These old jars were purchased off ebay as they are, with distressed lids.  Because I don't know what these bottles originally held, they couldn't be used for any spices that might go into food so they can only be used as props.  I filled each with something that looked like an ingredient and printed up labels on sticker paper.  I used a font that I liked to print the name of the contents and went over this with a permanent brush-tipped marker to give them a hand-quilled look. A basic black border is all that these required.  Anything else would have seemed like too much.  The ingredients and their labels are as follows:
  • Dried Doxy Venom: turbinado sugar
  • Beetle Eyes: black dragees (bought in a cake/candy decorating shop)
  • Dessicated Rat Brains: bulk-purchased dried garbanzo beans
  • Bowtruckle Skin: thin bark stripped off fallen branches
  • Asphodel Leaf: tarragon
  • Knarl Quills: pine needles cut to roughly equal lengths

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