Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skiving Snackboxes

My family loves the idea of the Skiving Snackboxes created by the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter books.  So I set out to create muggle versions of the treats within.  Since I am a muggle and incapable of creating the magic effects of the candies, I instead created "taste effects" by pairing some unusual flavors in these two-part confections.  To find out how I made these, visit the the directions I posted on Instructables for each.
Fever Fudge (upper left) -- spicy hot / vanilla
Puking Pastilles (upper right) -- garlic and anise / mint
Fainting Fancies (lower left) -- carrot and cumin (unsweetened) / sour lemon
Nosebleed Nougat (lower right) -- tart strawberry and balsamic / banana

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